The Girl Rolling in Gold Collection

The girl rolling in gold


guillemets-ouverts - Adelie Metayer robes de marieesTo be rolling in gold means to be rich.
I am rolling in gold because I believe in love

We live together in a huge dwelling
Built with our hopes and our doubts
A palace, the key of which is owned just by the two of us,
Entirely covered with heady flowers

Your daily smiles crown my life

And when dusk falls, your skin is the promise
Of the wonderful novel of a bright future ahead.guillemets-fermes-adelie metayer

Photos : Marta Bevacqua


*What is the difference between “bespoke” and “semi-bespoke”?
A bespoke or tailor-made wedding dress is exclusively created for you. It is a unique garment designed and sewn by Adélie.
A semi-bespoke dress is a dress from our collection which is tailored to your own body measurements.