guillemets-ouverts - Adelie Metayer robes de marieesI grew up in a village with 600 inhabitants in south Brittany in France. My maternal grandparents were Spanish exiles fleeing the Franco’s dictatorship and my paternal grandparents were Breton peasants belonging to that deep rural culture which has since disappeared. The respective stories of those two couples would mark me for life: on the one hand, poverty and the Spanish civil war contrasting with the powerful artistic culture of my Andalusian family and on the other hand, the hardships of the rural life in Brittany contrasting with an exceptional connection to the nature. This is what today shapes my creativity: Art and Nature.guillemets-fermes-adelie metayer


Adelie Metayer Portrait Adélie became known as a designer in 2010 when, at the age of 20, she won the prestigious competition ELLE Solidarité Mode. She is backed with solid experience and specialized know-how in dressmaking, tailor-made lingerie and fashion design.

Once she had her diploma and after the competition she designed collections of women’s lingerie, shoes and handbags for top fashion houses then she created her own label.

Adélie designs high fashion wedding dresses which are remarkable for their romanticism and luxurious details with a hint of casualness.

Due to her mixed origins she draws inspiration from the natural elegance of the Parisian woman, the flower gardens and tempestuous sky of the Breton woman but also the stunning femininity of the Mediterranean woman.

Always in the pursuit of excellence, she works with precious fabrics in order to enhance the woman’s body through perfect fits and tailored details. Her designs are trendy and she uses a palette of luminous and contrasting colours.

Each creation bears a number which is a symbol of the uniqueness of the handmade dress.Brides come from all over Europe to find the ‘real gem’: a distinctive look, audacious and free just like them.