What is the difference between “bespoke” and “semi-bespoke”?

A bespoke or tailor-made wedding dress is exclusively created for you. It is a unique garment designed and sewn by Adélie.

A semi-bespoke wedding dress is a dress from our collection which is tailored to your own body measurements.


What is the price for a dress?

Bespoke: from €1800 for a short dress and €2800 for a long dress.

Semi-bespoke: from €1500 for a short dress and €2500 for a long dress.

What is the first appointment like?

Most of the time you do not exactly know what you are looking for nor what is best for you and this is quite normal. You just come and want “something different”.

Adélie welcomes you in person on your initial visit. She studies your silhouette with her benevolent eye; she identifies your style and that “special little thing” which characterises you in order to highlight it. We indulge ourselves by talking, trying on dresses and looking at fabrics… At the end of the first appointment you will walk out with the caring designer’s advice. If there’s a little spark in your eyes as you leave the boutique then it means that we might meet again!


May I come with someone else?

We advise you to come unaccompanied on the first meeting so as to make the best of the designer’s advice and be focused on your own desires.

For the next fittings, it’s up to you! ☺

What should I bring with me for the fittings?

First fitting: your most beautiful smile!

Next fittings: the shoes and underwear which you wish to wear if you already have them.

Last fitting: the shoes, underwear and all the accessories for the dress rehearsal before D-day.

What are the different stages in the making of my dress?

Bespoke/tailor-made: Adélie designs for you, she enhances you by selecting the right fabrics and embroideries… Then she makes a prototype of your wedding dress and once it is perfect she starts sewing it. Five appointments including three fittings.

Semi-bespoke (collections): if you are crazy about a dress from our collection, we will make it to your measures.

How far in advance should I contact you before the wedding?

One year in advance for the better organised ones.

Six months in advance for most of you.

Three months before D-day for those who are racing against time.

Who makes my dress?

Bespoke / tailor-made: Adélie, from start to finish, in the workshop just behind the boutique.

Semi-bespoke / collections: Françoise and Lucie, skilled seamstresses.

All our embroideries are done in a Parisian workshop of haute couture and specific demands are done by craftsmen chosen for their expertise and know-how.


Where is my dress created?

In our design studio, 14 rue des Bernardins, Paris.

Where do the fabrics come from?

In France we are lucky enough to have lacemakers who are recognized worldwide for their sterling work and silk-weaving workshops that supply the great haute couture houses. Our suppliers are all French and most of them are labelled EPV (Living Heritage Enterprise) or Calais/Caudry lace.

Is everything possible?

Yes indeed! After all, it is the dress of your life! We love audacious brides ☺!

What if my body size changes between the fittings?

If you learn that you are pregnant or if you put on or lose weight, we advise you to schedule the fittings as close as possible to D-day. Until the dress is cut everything can be changed. Let’s talk about it.


Do you create dresses for any body shape?

Yes, we do. A designer’s job is to be able to make out a woman’s best assets and put them forward to enhance her. Whether you are plump and drop-dead gorgeous or a small-breasted femme fatale, everything is possible!

We are here to help you find that indefinable little something which will make you self-assured.

Is it possible to customise a dress from the collection?

Yes. Sometimes it may take some extra labour and fabrics which could modify or not the original quote. Let’s talk about that. 🙂

May I have a dress from a former collection?

Yes. Subject to availability of the fabrics which generally come from the haute couture workshops.

How can I preserve my wedding dress?

We deliver your dress on a hanger in a 100% cotton carry bag in order to allow the silk to breathe.

We would advise you that the week following the wedding you have the dress cleaned by a traditional dry cleaner specialized in precious fabrics.

Never expose your dress to the sun or chemicals. To keep your dress in its original state call upon a specialist of preservation.

Do you organize private sales?

Yes, we do. You will find a small selection of dresses from our former collections offered at a discount rate. Ask us for an invitation by e-mail.

What lingerie should I wear under my dress?

Comfort is the watchword! That does not necessarily mean anti-sexy but we always feel beautiful when we feel comfortable in our clothes, don’t we? So do not change your habits.

We will advise you in relation to your body shape.

How many fittings are necessary?

Bespoke / tailor-made: 3 fittings

Semi-bespoke / collections: 2 fittings



Photos : Kika Sacré