We are the seamstresses who fashion your wedding dress.

I, Adélie, take the time to define your style, analyse your body type and design your dress according to your physical features, then I choose the fabrics according to your colours and I cut the garments in perfect harmony with your curves. Then, we, the seamstresses who have learnt the skills of haute couture get busy with the ornaments, embroideries and details to make the design turn into your bespoke dress. Our creative style can easily be indentified in simple silhouettes but tinged with romanticism and luxurious details with a hint of modernity.

Time is the most precious thing in life. The time that we spend just for you enables us to live from our passion for craftsmanship. We use our know-how to enhance your beauty and make you radiant with happiness. This is our definition of luxury.

Each creation bears a number which is the symbol of the uniqueness of the handmade dress.

This dream is within reach from €1800 for a short dress and €2800 for a long dress.

*What is the difference between “bespoke” and “semi-bespoke”?
A bespoke or tailor-made wedding dress is exclusively created for you. It is a unique garment designed and sewn by Adélie.
A semi-bespoke wedding dress is a dress from our collection which is tailored to your own body measurements.