Fashion design studio

Fashion design studio


Because a wedding day means promises, joy and celebration, and because life is not a long, quiet river, we suggest adorning your precious immaculate wedding dress with a few touches of colour. Times are changing, so are customs and traditions. A few shades of blue to highlight the girl’s deep blue eyes, a dash of gold for the blond-haired woman…
You need to know that we admire you, audacious women!

1 - De la couleur - Studio de creation - Adelie Metayer

2 - Artisanat - Studio de creation - Adelie Metayer


Our dresses are handmade in the purest tradition of French couture. We work with highly skilled craftsmen who have developed particular know-how: textile florists, jewellery designers, gilders… We love exchanging our respective expertise to create unique pieces. Long live craftsmen!

Haute couture embroideries

Thanks to a rich professionnal experience in the world of fashion, Adelie prides herself on hiring the most talented seamstresses and embroiderers who work for the finest fashion houses in the country. Each sequin, each pearl is hand embroidered one by one to fulfill your every wish.

3 - broderies haute couture - studio de creation - adelie metayer

4 - Made in France - studio de création - adelie metayer

Made in France

Our fabrics come from the most prestigious silk-weaving workshops and the finest French lacemakers. Why are they so prestigious? Because they work in line with long-standing traditions, respecting the skills and knowledge of the past while also using new technologies adapted to contemporary trends. These businesses represent the very best of French excellence.


Because we are nature lovers our workshop is fully powered by renewable energy.

This is our choice. We do think that it is the duty of businesses to set an example for individuals 😉

5 - valeurs - studio de creation - adelie metayer

6 - Notre vision de la beaute - studio de creation - adelie metayer

Our vision of beauty

We are committed to promoting the image of strong, free and inspirational women. Our vision of beauty standards is open-minded. We love to sublimate women by highlighting their particularities and enhancing their singular beauty. Whether you are plump and drop-dead gorgeous or a small-breasted femme fatale, everything is possible! We are here to help you find that indefinable little something which will make you self-assured.


Photos : Kika Sacré